Insights, Innovation and an appetite for increase Woman’s Workforce participation in SA

Over 30 #SouthAustralian female executive business leaders and influencers gathered in #Adelaide for an innovation cafe at the botanic gardens to discuss women’s workforce participation with @SenatorCash

Community Corporate, a South Australian led diversity and inclusion firm hosted today’s event to build partnerships between government, business and the community sector to increase women’s workforce participation and business opportunities for the state.

Managing Director of Community Corporate, Carmen Garcia said South Australia has an abundance of female executive business leaders, innovators and influencers from key industries including childcare, environmental solutions and defence.

“This event brings some of the state’s leading business women together to drive strategic discussions to offer new perspectives and build momentum for engagement with women both in small business and workforce participation,” Ms Garcia said.

Federal Minister for Employment and Minister for Women, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash addressed attendees to highlight the federal government’s commitment to increasing women’s workforce participation and the Launch into Work program[1].

“Grass-roots based initiatives such as this event are critical to delivering a sustained improvement in women’s workforce participation,” Minister Cash said.

“There are currently more women in work than ever before and the workforce participation level is also at a record high, so as a country we are making significant progress.”

“The Turnbull Government has a comprehensive set of policies to ensure we continue to see women’s workforce participation rise, however Government cannot do it alone, which is why we are so supportive of employer-led initiatives.”

Ms Garcia said to obtain meaningful outcomes employers and business leaders need to be at the core of the discussion.

“Our company has worked alongside the federal government and key employers such as Woolworths and community organisations, both in SA and nationally,” Ms Garcia said.

“Through our model of genuine public, private and community partnerships we have created innovative approaches to help get vulnerable jobseekers into work including refugees and migrants, women and young people.”

“Simply put, at the core of human dignity is work. Our role is to help elevate the benefits of hiring for attitude. We position people wanting to work, with access to the right skills and training, industry experience and opportunities to accelerate their career pathways.

On a personal note, I want to thank all of the women who took the time out of their busy schedules to participate in our innovation café today and provide valuable insights and advice into the challenges and opportunities for women to engage in the workforce both through entrepreneurship and employment.

·        [1] Launch into Work trials pre-employment projects that provide training, work experience and mentoring to support job seekers to increase their skills, experience and confidence. Projects are intended to train job seekers for specific roles within the organisation, and may be conducted in a variety of industries.