DiversityWorks! by Community Corporate® is our customised platform to help connect job seekers with socially responsible employer partners to access work. To find out more join our community today!

Customised Programs

Building on our extensive working relationships with federal and state governments, and the community sector, we custom build training and recruitment programs to respond to your workforce needs.

There are many opportunities to access a future workforce purpose built to meet your business needs. Migrants, refugees, women and youth are an untapped resource that we can help you access. Our connections to culturally and linguistically diverse communities is our leading edge.

By providing a customised and tailored service we can help you achieve your company goals to boost productivity, enhance corporate social responsibility and meet workforce diversity targets.

Our approach ensures that we:

create strategic alliances
provide business with a safety net
add demonstrated value
navigate government systems to increase access to subsidies and funding
reduce red tape in government relations

Specialist diversity groups we work with:

  • Refugees and migrants
  • Vulnerable youth
  • Women returning to work
  • Long term unemployed

Finding the right people for your workforce is an ongoing challenge for many employers. Significant investment of time and money to find suitable staff often has varying results and can leave employers feeling discouraged and frustrated. Hiring for attitude is a corner stone of our approach.


We source, select and train motivated people to meet the specific requirements of the business and job roles. With a strong focus on diversity and inclusion including refugees and migrants, young people, women and mature aged workers, Community Corporate, a specialist diversity and inclusion firm, builds on our extensive working relationships with federal and state governments, and the community sector to custom build training and recruitment programs to respond to employers staffing needs. Our customised pre-employment programs are subsidised and offer employers a safety net and opportunity to trial potential employees with no direct liability or obligation.

Our commitment is to represent you, the employer, and ensure your needs are at the forefront of our decision making and advice. Our company strives to provide you with capable, motivated and committed people for your business – people that you want to employ and are confident can do the job. This is how we measure our success.

The 6 key steps of our employer-led approach:
  1. Workforce planning with employer directed program design
  2. Sourcing and screening suitable candidates
  3. Training and assessing candidates
  4. Coordinating on-the-job work placements and supported trials
  5. Recommending work ready candidates for employer selection
  6. Provide ongoing support to employers for up to six months post job placement

We manage stakeholders, and coordinate access to government training funds, wage subsides and other resources across all sectors through our public private and community partnership model.

To find out how we can help your business with a custom-built recruitment strategy, contact us at:

info@communitycorporate.com.au or call our office on 1300 855 892

“I have participated in this partnership program with Woolworths and Community Corporate from the beginning and it continues to provide me with hardworking, reliable and loyal team members. It is really important for us as store managers to get behind the program and provide a vital employment pathway for refugees who otherwise wouldn’t be working. They truly are an asset and welcome addition to the Metro team.”

Pantelis Archontides, Store Manager, Woolworths Metro

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Employer Services

As Australian consumer’s purchasing trends continue to evolve, more and more we see people look beyond a company’s product or service quality or price alone. They want to know about your corporate culture, what you value and ultimately, they want to know what a purchase from you says about them.

Beyond consumer directed influence, companies are embracing the impact of strong corporate social responsibility as a competitive advantage. Being branded as a good Corporate Citizen positively impacts on attracting the right people into your workforce and elevates your company’s value proposition.

Community Corporate, a specialist diversity and inclusion firm, builds on our extensive working relationships with federal and state governments, and the community sector to create individualised corporate social responsibility strategies and innovations for companies across Australia. We challenge conventional thinking and can strategically position your business to make a profound impact in the market.


Our approach pieces together a plan that aligns to your company’s values and mission with an aim to profile and showcase your leadership in the communities where you operate. Every approach is different, and this is where our highly skilled team of experts with diverse backgrounds and experience can help you.

Events and Forums

Our team of event planners work with social enterprises and community groups to deliver highly professional events with a social conscience.

To get a quote to discuss your next corporate event contact our event coordinator today

Social Impact Investment

Corporate Investment and Impact Bonds

Each year companies raise funds and donate to many worthy charities. We have found more and more our clients want to get more involved, invest in the social problems that matter to the community in which they operate.

We facilitate and broker these opportunities for our corporate partners with our community networks to help build social capital in ways that are sustainable and deliver a difference for all.

We offer advisory services in:

  • Developing comprehensive financial models to help assess and measure the risk and returns of social impact investment.
  • A risk monitoring model which can assess the ongoing health and viability of service providers and related parties you want to invest in.
  • Customise a reporting framework to measure and evaluate the reporting quality, service delivery effectiveness and outcomes provided by service providers on your investment.

Corporate Volunteering

Companies today want to encourage their employees to give back to the community and allocate a day for volunteering. We have found that leveraging on unique skills is a great way to help build a mutually benefit experience.

  • Have you thought about mentoring a refugee into an industry or career?
  • Helping a new migrant navigate setting up an ABN?
  • Helping a young mum develop a household budget?

To explore new ways to drive the collective impact of your corporate volunteering agenda, contact us today and find out about our simple 3 step process. Our approach that will ensure alignment to your company’s values and priorities for staff participation, insurance cover and registration and reporting is all online and flexible to meet the changing demands of your business and staff.

Sourcing Funding and Subsidies

We have a specialised team to assist in grant writing and tenders, identify funding options and sources, and build customised strategies including crowd funding, access to subsidies and much more.

Social Enterprise Development

We help build social enterprises to leverage on funding in a circular economy. Responding to a need for reducing the reliance on government grants and building self-generation income streams through innovation.

Migrant Entrepreneurship

Small Business

We provide a range of development services to help small businesses access support, advice and information to start, grow and develop their business. Services include:

  • Business facilitators
  • Application writing
  • Access to funding and government subsidies
  • Business coaching
  • Marketing support
  • Workshops and seminars etc

We also curate the annual South Australia Migrant Small Business Expo.

The SA Migrant Small Business Expo brings together the information that you need to start, grow and manage your own small business in Australia.

The SA Migrant Small Business Expo includes presentations, an expert panel, networking and special exhibitions from key service providers and government agencies including federal, state and local government bodies, and more!

Community Profile, Positioning and Productivity

We want to support not-for-profits to achieve greater independence. We want to reduce the reliance on government. We want to give the power back to the experts so they can focus on the social problems facing our society.

We provide a range of services to engage and work more effectively in a new world economy including:

  • Key messaging and policy alignment
  • Outsourcing strategies
  • Facilitation
  • Internal efficiency audits
  • Research and evaluation reporting
  • Advocacy training
  • Resource identification and development
  • Sponsorship strategies and fundraising
  • Media coaching and more